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Walker's first solo exhibition, 'I'M SCARED OF CHOCOLATE BARS' was a candid documentation of their hospital admission in 2019 and year living as a patient in a mental health unit for treatment of anorexia nervosa. During their admission, Walker did over 300 drawings, beginning with incoherent, disturbing scribblings to more detailed sketches that channeled humour and clarity as their mental stability improved. Walker showed all 300+ drawings in the exhibition space at Village Books, Leeds alongside new sculpture work in response to the drawings, taking inspiration from the various self portraits Walker did of themselves. The show also featured photography in the form of selfies Walker took whilst in treatment. The show was accompanied by a limited edition zine featuring a selection of the 300 drawings available to purchase at Village.

All work by K Walker.

Technical assistance by Ronnie Danaher.

Photography by Ronnie Danaher.

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