In Close Proximity is the product of non-binary British artist, K Walker.. A vessel in which to record and showcase their works. Walker explores the mediums of drawing, paint, performance, poetry and sculpture to channel realms of fantasy and the post human. Often combining themes of the mystique, with fables, mythologies, intertwined with personal trauma, dysphoria and the exploration of their queer identity. 

Born in West Yorkshire, Walker studied a foundation course at Leeds Arts University before going onto an MA course in fashion design in London, where they lived for 3 years. Now back in Yorkshire, Walker currently bases their practise at Assembly House in Leeds, a group collective of art studio holders. 

Walker's most recent work aims to combine mediums of their practise to create art viewers can interact, escape and dream within. Their work often uses fantasy, nonsensical, humorous and grotesque imagery to personify themselves, their body, emotions and interactions with others. Using these characterisations to present scenarios and identities to which they witness and experience.