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If I close my eyes long enough I can be something else

'If I close my eyes long enough I can be something else' is a 36 page self-pubished zine released in October 2023. 

Walker created 6 totally different looks using a mixture of materials ranging from fabric, expanding foam, cardboard and moulding clay. The garments were exuberant, colourful, and in many ways, unpractical. Walker wore the outfits around various public locations in Leeds city centre, places they regularly pass in their everyday commute such as central shopping areas, bus station and road crossings. 




Providing a glimpse into Walker’s imagination and personal insecurities, channeling their wanting to become something other than themself. Donning handmade, joyous garments, Walker wandered around Leeds city centre embodying dreams and desires of transformation.

Remaining copies available at:

Village Books

Good Press

BOOKS Peckham

NewBridge Books

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